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Oooooookay. Seems like LJ is working again. *crosses things*

First of all, sorry for the huge text last post, got a tad overexcited. Then...

First a Guyver screencap because it made me laugh like a sieve:

I mean, seriously, WHAT THE FUCKINGFUCK were the animators thinking? And I used to think nothing and no-one could beat Bleach's Quality Animation Images. Of course, it had to be Sho "Hello there, peckerhead!"'s Guyver. See how pointy and stabbity daggery and all sorts of manly but NOT penis-shaped Agito's Guyver widow's peak is? Couldn't Sho's have been similar? Nope. Poor Sho, everyone and everything has it in for Sho. And yes, I know that seen from the side that thing is more like a plume on a knight's helmet, but still... As you can see I had to make an icon of it. 'S not my fault! Guyot made me do it! :P:P:P

That said, Guyver ain't half-bad. 's got a decent plot; good worldbuilding - well, except for the 'evolution never existed' idiocy, but I ignored it utterly and the rest is just fine - and a healthy dose of unexpected realism, not so much in what happens, but in the characters' reactions to it. The drawing style ain't my cuppa, which is odd because I used to rilly rilly hate the Japanese manga/anime syle of drawing and now I'm so used to it that Guyver seems unnecessarily westernised (UGH, so sorry); but that's not to say it's ugly because the monsters are all gozillaish and I love Godzilla, it's also nice to see so many ugly people.

The hero is a nice boy, which is his saving grace and also his limitation because, as he's not the brightest knife in the drawer, his continuous balking at what he's become and has to do would become a whinge of Evangelion proportion otherwise; it's his limitation because... Really, lad, pretending your family - such as it is - is not in mortal danger the second you put on that thingy AND your friend can do nothing but say your name out loud every three seconds and doing nothing but be in Da River In Egypt about it... No, really, lad. THINK for fucksake! You can be nice and think, I promise.

The Bastard deuteragonist is very bastardy and also has a brain and a clear idea of what he wants and why; he's also unique in that he is truly selfless in his interests and goals, which, of course, makes him look cold and uncaring. His problem is that he cares a lot for people in the abstract (except the very few people he's attached to - or the other way around, depending how you read his whole 'young master' thingy), he cares for people to be human and themselves, but not in a way that would stop him from offing a few unsalvageable ones, if the need arised. He's the very dangerous sort of practical idealist that would become a Smiling Villain (à la Orbis) in a jiffy, if he weren't so very tolerant of the vagaries of humanity. What he objects to - and will off quite cheerfully - is people transformed into Something Else That Is Mind Controlled By Baddies And Also Will Never Be Human Again. So I'm in two minds about him, which I love, because he's really borderline.

The less said about the hero's best friend - supposed to be a SciFi nerd and also intelligent - the better. His Is-Not-Yet-But-Soon-Will-Be love interest is very human, which is nice, and very young, which is nicer and not too wimpy, but not too hyper or badass, which is so normal she's the whole series Control. You tend to use her reactions as criteria for judging people... well, unless you're like me and rather relentlessly abnormal. ^_- BUT the female I like is Shizu (Is that her name? Mind like a sieve for names), the Bastard's follower. She is SO refreshing! She thinks! She can do as she's told in an emergency, thus saving the day - or doing her best to! I mean, really! If her Bastard Hero boss - who's INTELLIGENT YAY - tells her to drive away and he - and his superarmour - will see to it, but go and save the others SHE JUST FUCKING GOES! I love her to bits and pieces.

Oh and the conflicted other deuteragonist, Murakami, is an interesting character, but I must say [ profile] ingriam writes him so much better than the anime scriptwriters. Actually I MUST pimp [ profile] ingriam's fic here and urge you all to read it, because I did LONG before I'd seen the anime and I understood everything about the story. Acuz she's that good, yeh.

And I want to bore you all to death by blathering about Code Geass - all eps here, but careful, it does freeze firefox or Season 1 and season 2, but I have a sort of date with a lad who's showing me an archeological site where I hope I won't swoon in the heat, but gather much pleasure in the Forensics of the Past. So you get saved. For now. :-D

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