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As I said in a previous post, [ profile] bearaad has given me so much food for thought that I couldn't just reply to his pithy comments in reply posts. It would have been too long and also we're elongating threads like elastic spaghetti. So I've come up with this other rant. Oh, well. Can't stay away from a good lit discussion.

Heroes and Fantasy )

You can guess I've finally learned how to code LJ usernames with the lil icon, can't you? ;)

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Pompous, amn't I? ;)

Apart from that, I'm using this to reply to my dearest Baeraad several pithy responses to some of my and his entries in both our Ljs, shamelessly using them as trampolines to launch into another sodding rant about how publishers pander to lazyness in readers by categorising books by 'genres'.

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Sorry, meant to reply and got off in rantland's rantfest.
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It's when life is at the darkest that a whammy good read makes you fly out of your bodily discomforts and gloomy ponderings and slams open the door of the possible.

This happens to be true, but honestly compels me to say that Maya's writing does that to me even when I'm chirpy and gaining more fingers to use.

My beloved (yep, meant that literally, I talk with books; I hold long discourses with the written word; authors are, to me, beloved friends) Maya has been refining and tempering her style in vinegar and it's now pared down, rifted with ore and cutting as an obsidian sword. Obsidian because she manages to make darkness shine.

So, to cut this short, I'm moved to analyse her latest WIP.

QoM Review )

Right, not really an essay as balbbings of the mind, but honest blabbings, at least. :D
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Gah. I now have the use of seven fingers in toto and I've discovered I'd forgotten how to type with more than three, YAY anyway, I'm sure it's like riding a bike, it'll come to me, eventually. Meanwhile, let's put our hopes in the spell checker and essay.

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