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Alright, I'm getting totally fed up with all the bleatings about character change!

People change all the time and a writer who freezes characters like flies in amber is doing nothing else but producing cardboard cut-outs instead of anything even remotely approaching human beings. Granted, some people's mindset is so rigid as to appear to deny the possibility of change, but even those can get a shock that'll force some sort of evolution. I know this, I changed quite shockingly after my accident, in a sense I'm so different from what I used to be before the smash that even people who know me well, like my mum, don't know what to think anymore. See? It can happen. If it can happen to real people in real life, then it can happen to characters in fiction. And in fanfiction. Especially if the author being fanficced (Yes, Calvin, I'm sorry I just 'verbed' a noun) is not very talented and writes/creates cardboard cut-outs.

So what if a fanfic writer who has a better feel for humanity than the Author (note solemnity) forces one or more characters to evolve and change? Provided the reason given is a valid one, change is natural and acceptable. So Aragorn can decide that his boyhood crush on Arwen was exactly that, a puppy crush for an older woman, and move on; Batman can decide to become a serial killer; Warren can embrace paedophilia (oh wait, he's already done that!); Luke can embrace the Dark Side like his father before him and Draco can be nice.

Let's all embrace change and allow that characters have a right to be three-if-not-four-dimensional! Don't let the fundies and their lethal rigidity of mind dissuade you, o writers! Make your characters change! Evolve! Even... dare I say it? I dare! *gasp* GROW! *gasp*

Hear my voice, crying in the wilderness...

PS: How pathetic can one get?

A real AU

Aug. 28th, 2005 09:02 pm
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Thinking about writing still. Thinking about writing takes more time than writing itself, probably because when I write I tend not to think on the process, but on the specific words to use and what would this or that character do or say right now, which doesn't leave much space for speculating on the whys, hows and wherefores of fanfic writing as an art form. Just now I'm bogged down on my parody, a not unusual occurrence, and I'm vaguely thinking about AU-ness and superpowers. Let's see if writing things down will make them a little clearer in my mind.

What about my Powers? )

Nope, have still to think about it. Be back with more. Enforced bedtime now.

I HATE dependency!

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