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I wish a LOT of Harry/Draco shippers would read, memorise and fucking FOLLOW this advice.
especially point 4. Actually I'm reprinting point 4:

4) Don’t let a Designated Love Interest with different goals and principles subordinate them easily to the protagonist’s goals and principles. One way that authors sometimes try to stir up tension is by setting the protagonist and the Designated Love Interest up on opposite sides of a war, or making them rivals in a particular profession or quest. Will they fall in love against the odds?

Of course they will. You know why? Because the author values the protagonist over the Designated Love Interest, and the moment that they come into serious conflict, the Designated Love Interest capitulates—often with no experience or even persuasive argument to convince him or her—and takes the protagonist’s side.

This is disgusting.

I find it especially disgusting because, so often, the Designated Love Interest is represented as “selfish” for having different goals or principles. Her side (it’s most often a her) is the wrong one, so obviously and laughably so that no one sane or halfway intelligent would stick with that side for a moment. So it’s up to the author to convince me that she has deep, maybe irrational, personal reasons for sticking with that side.

The author doesn’t. Instead, she gives the heroine a short sharp shake for ever wanting anything other than to follow at the hero’s side like a panting dog, and sets her down in the “proper” place.

I can’t suggest a fix for this one other than making the difference or the rivalry real, because it makes me so sick to my stomach to see a character labeled “Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!” without any recourse. It’s not as though they could help it, you fucking stupid author. You were the one who chose to make them this way, to write this damn story. Now stop punishing the automaton and go write me a real set of rivals or differently principled people who have true, legitimate grievances with each other.

Sounds familiar? Poor Draco! I could worship at limyaael 's feet for this. Of course she's right in any kind of story about designated love interests but WHOOOOO is she right about poor Draco in tons and tons of H/D fics. Even some well-written ones.

Never could have said it better, or, let's be frank and open and whatnot, equally as well.

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