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Don't wanna talk about other things, but I managed to finish Anatomy so here it is.

Anatomy of Betrayal - Part 2 )
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Still struggling with the parody fom hell which is coming to me in bits a pieces scattered all over the story, I was going to have a nice long rant about villainy and the allure of shaded colours as opposed to black&white, but then I decided - what the hell! - to write it down as a fic.

Must confess I'm getting rather intrigued by it, here's chapter one.

Anatomy of Betrayal )
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I was re-reading lovely "Death's Jest Book", no, not the novel by Hill, but the real thing. Beddoes tragedy, chock full of lust, love, revenge, incest, necrophilia... and death, of course. Don't know why I like it so much, maybe because it is funny in a macabre way, maybe because my brain has gone to mush lately.

Aaanyway, I got this idea for a New Year's shortie with my precious Remy... he'ssss our preciousssssss...

Alright, not gone to mush, gone to definite derangement. Sorry. Where was I? Ah.

This shortie with my Remy and so I typed it. Now how to make that clever link-in-parenthesis things LJ users do....

Oh well!

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