Aug. 3rd, 2009 11:09 am
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So I said I'd found Guyver, and I had, only it was dubbed which I hate, mostly because I have fangirlishly fallen in love with Japanese Voice Actors in anime. They're FUCKING GOOD AND ALSO OFTEN LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF WHILE ACTING (well... some of them by the sound of it). Sooo, I went looking for subbed and found it! Or, at least, I thought so, but I got to watch three episodes and then it was all RAW! *sob* SO I had to fall back on the dubbed version (*grrr*) because a promising place to watch it subbed tried so very hard to break my Firefox (AND Safari) and I don't have no IE and don't intend to get it (:P).

The above wall of text to say I rather like Guyver, but I'd rather talk about it when I've seen it all.

So... Code Geass, or The Importance of Being Flamboyant. I love it LOTS for a host of reasons, not the least of which being that the protagonist is BOTH a Byronic Hero AND a Smiling Villain. It also has plot, which is a thing not to be sneezed at, and complex characters one has to think about rather deeply to understand. Yeh, has also very simplified characters, but, though not having exactly a cast of thousands like e.g. Bleach or, more succesfully, FMA, it has the grace to go in-depth with the main characters and let secondary ones go on their merry two-dimensional way.

Probbo is am at work right now and so am snatching a moment online, so full ramblings tonight. To pass the time, though, I'll post here a blather about what I (as opposed to TV Tropes, a site I love to death, but am not always in agreement with) think constitutes a Byronic Hero using Loveless' Soubi (see icon) as an example. Hope I don't bore too much. ^_^!

A textbook case of Byrony )
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Right. Am in La Bella Italia and settled in. The sodding silence, peace and quiet keeps me awake at night, but I suppose that next week, when I start working, I'll be sleeping like a log again.

Have been reading like demented bookworm waiting for internet connection and am pleasantly replete with books: new Reginald Hill Midnight Fugue WHEEEE! Also another Frost one. AND I've got Light Fantastic and Tim Curry as a villain - again - having the time of his life is a sight. Also got The History of the White Star Line, them of Titanic fame, and, in a time of maritime disasters, they had a RECORD for smashing ships all over the globe. They even managed to hit an iceberg in the Antartic for fucksake!

Also, [livejournal.com profile] baeraad, go here and watch the new IMPROVED Fullmetal Alchemist anime which, apart for ep 1 (sod knows why they felt the need to put in something utterly made up) is exactly like the manga and utterly made of awesome and glee. It's subbed in several languages - bar English, methinks - and I'm sure you'll find one you know, possibly even Swedish.

I missed boring you all to death with my rambles, but I fully intend to start boring you again next week - acuz I have to go to Milan for a few days and be busy as hell - with my not so well-thought-out reflections on Life, the Universe and Everything.



May. 6th, 2009 02:15 pm
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Ahem. Sorry for the long iatus. Am now a teacher of the gool ol' Queen's English As A Second Language and have a job in Italy. Will move there next month. Have actually gone there to find a flat to rent and duly found and rented one. Wanted to rent my flat (it's mine! MINE I SAY! I bought it, it's lovely and I love iy) furnished, but - having been folish enough to tell mum that - my family, including Fleur and Sean's Hunk, swarmed on me DEMANDING TO KNOW IF I HAD GONE MENTAL ON THEM! Then they whisked away all my furniture and books.

I feel bereft.

I'm also sitting on the floor of my flat clutching my laptop and staring at all the emptiness around me with wide eyes.


Internet will be down by tomorrow and I'm staying at Sean's (good thing as I can drool at Hunk to my heart's content), so will be internattable again in no time.

I will also have internetz in Italy. Maybe next year I'll teach in France. Or Spain. Or wherever. Beauty of new job is one-year contracts (renewable) so if I get too bored I can travel. Have Teach, Will Travel. *G*

LOVE YOU ALL, SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING and why the fuck am I yelling?

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Yo! Was snowed in - and out and down and up - and isolated for a while, THEN lost internet, no idea why. My health, on the other hand, is excellent so it appears that snow, ice and sleet are good for my constitution. Spent my time studying, pondering life, the universe, and everything (please note elegant Oxford comma) and came up with forty-two-and-a half. Thought of all of you and worried you would worry. very sorry about that, but out of my hands, really.

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANIEL AND ALL THE OTHERS WHO BECAME ONE YEAR OLDER IN THESE DAYS!!!1! (deranged Jane) I toasted your health and every success in life all by myself and even sniffed a little; will toast Daniel's in two days (it's the 25th, innit?)

Also am perpetrating some fics (but promised meself I'd write them all BEFORE posting) and a lengthy review for Ingriam.

With all my love,

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Still alive. Sorry for disappearing again. Was a bit down and sodding BUSY all day so I came back home and slept like a dead person. BUT! I'm finally cured of insomnia. Now how to get cured of somnia? And pathetic attempts at puns? Hmm.

Hope you're all hale and healthy and wish you all a better 2009. Better than 2008 was for me, I mean.
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Hello, sorry about the long absence, but you know how it is, RL ate my hamster or somesuch. Now I have a part-time job, a course of studies and a full-time job on foreign soil is waiting for me when I finish my studies. So life is on course again and all is a lot less stressful and, well, here I am.
Of books and mangas and animes and cabbages and kings... well apart from cabbages, I hates 'em )
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Right, another long rant about books/comics and their cinematographic (elegant word) counterparts is forthcoming. Also a blab about Fullmetal Alchemist. Don't look at me like that, [livejournal.com profile] baeraad, it's ALL [livejournal.com profile] ingriam's fault!

But, before that and because I think crossovers are silly thing that provide me with endless amusement. here's my take on HPXFMA (No, it's not a sex/pairing indication, it's an abbreviation for crossover. :P ). No worries, mates, it's quite short.A fragment of parody )
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I should really stop reading fanficrants.

Warning! Long rant ahead! )
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I'm utterly geared up for a monumental rant about fanfics and canon and things of that ilk sparked by a fanfcrants post and a couple of replies I received which I'll quote, methinks because they RILLY got me het up but a LOT.

However I'm going to spam you with a VERY obvious observation of mine, videlicet:

No matter how much of a wanker a male can be, females on LJ will treat him so very much better than they treat female wankers. It's like all females on LJ are in AWE of any man or boy who posts or is active in same. There is a sense of solicitude towards male wankers/assholes/psychos/YouGetThePicture that's utterly lacking towards their female counterparts. And, of course, the male wankers - being wankers and worse - USE it and insult posters and all womankind with wild abandon.

WHY? I hate to generalise, but WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK??? Are 90% of the women on LJ braindead subs? Do 90% of the women on LJ regard the male sex with reverential awe? Are 90% of the women on LJ utterly utterly braindead?

WHYYYYYYYY? *she wailed like a banshee*
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Allow me to introduce to you my favourite kind of villain of all times: the Smiling Villain so called because that Shakespearean quote has been in my mind for years and years, don't ask me why.True Smiling Villain )
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The SEME or UKE Quiz
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as The Breaker SEME

You are the most imaginative, helpful, and strong-hearted SEME out there. You can be quiet and helpful at the same time which is a rarity. You're good at listening to others and you don't deny their ideas. One thing you can't stand is seeing someone sad, crying, or otherwise unhappy. Those who think you're shy aren't always the most right but it's true you don't need to talk much unless you have something important to say. You would be paired with the Sorrowful UKE because everyone needs a shoulder to cry on and you're just the guy/gal for the job. It's best to avoid the Homicidal SEME but even if you do that it's easy for someone as calm and helpful as you to get mixed up in the schemes of the certain Devilish UKE. You are truly best placed with the Gentle SEME as a buddy. For my last info, I have to say that you really don't mind and will go with the flow - whatever your partner is into is fine by you but considering who you're best matched with I'd say that they'd be too scared to do anything out of the ordinary. Give them a little nudge to let 'em know it's alright, okay?

The Breaker SEME


The Homicidal SEME


The Devilish UKE


The Gentle SEME


The Sorrowful UKE


The Optimistic UKE


It's 3 am and I'm drunk with insomnia, so naturally I took a quiz. Born to be a hero, c'est moi! I'm laughing so hard my poor tummy hurts. Sorry for subjecting you to my dementia.

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The ancient Evil had been hiding for millennia waiting for the right moment to unleash death and destruction upon the Land, venturing outside every now and then to kill unsuspecting victims and recruiting for his future legions.Wanna know more? )

I want to blather about other types of villains, but I'm a tad sleepy, so stay tuned for further news. :-D
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The short version: When Angua was all chirpy and happy for Cheery because female dwarfs can do everything that the male dwarfs do, Cheery replied: "Yes, PROVIDED we ONLY do what the males do."

The long version )
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*waves like a mad thing*

Sorry for disappearing. I just upped and went to stay with nan for a few months. Needed the change of air, the rest and the time to think. Then I went to stay a bit with Fleur. Then, when I came back, I moved. :-D

I'm finally settled in my new flat - ground floor, stairs are not knee-friendly things - and my new life.

HUGZ to all.

Y'know, I've really lost the typing habit, have done a LOT of verbal communication and practically none of the written one, it feels awfully odd right now. BUT! I have Deep Thoughts on some things with which I'll bore you all to tears quite soon. I also have a fic gestating, but I don't know if I'm going to inflict it on you.

Soooo... read any good book lately?
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Apologies to you all.

I had another bout with Susan Death; survived again and was told - again - I overdid things. So, apart from convalescing and things, I took time out to reflect on life, the universe and everything. Had to. Reinvent a life I can live and all manners of sad things.

So I've sold my business, am currently prepping for university and found a measure of serenity in it.

Y'know, it's rather hard to find the words, which is odd, but there you are.

Hope we're still friends and HUGZ to all with lotsa affection.

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... I've been procrastinating like a very procrastinating thing, but... but well, it seems I've turned out to be a bit of a coward, after all.

It's all Joss Sodding Whedon's fault!

What shall we do with Firefly, if Firefly should fly? )

Alright, that's all. Hope I haven't offended anyone.
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Right, I have a very insightful and mature essay on Firefly but for now, after having watched the thing TWICE I have only two things to say:


2) I'd rather he didn't steal from fucking loathsome Cowboy Bebop or whatever that thing is called. Wash the stampede my royal black ass! HMPH!

Sorry to mock and run, but life rilly rilly RILLY hates me right now.


Edited for typos
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Sooo, being in a totally jocular mood, I made my new Mac the desktop that I'm putting under the cut because, though I reduced it as much as I could, it's a tad big.

I kind of like it )


Oct. 12th, 2007 09:42 pm
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Hey! Sorry about disappearance, but we're renovating our agency, so all computers are down and - OF COURSE! - my laptop decided to give up the ghost. It is now an ex-laptop and pushing up the chips or something.

SOOOO... I went mad and bought a 24" screen iMac with all the trimmings.

My bank account will probably never be in the green again. BUT oh wow was it worth it!

Am still learning how to use this beast, but I just a minuta ago managed to get back online and YOO-HOO!

Will talk incessantly with you tomorrow, but now brain - all four neurons - hurts and, though early, time for bed methinks.


P.S. I know it's stupid and quite shallow, but am in mad passionate love with aluminium-and-white keybaord with lovely silent keys and itty-bitty remote! You can do things on this thing from across the room! Totally useless, but, my! How decadent can a plastic thing get? :-D
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Sorry for the absence. Part of it was work, part of it was a bit of sex, but most of it was that I was thinking and trying to understand a thing that's been irritating me: why is it so hard to use decent reading comprehension when faced with the classics?

Authorial Interest vs. Autorial Approval )
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