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Sorry again. Things got... GAH.

Epic dinner was epic RAGEFEST. His family is everything I LOATHE. They were sooooo niiiiice in their fucking racism and homophobia and we - oh yeh, opposing camps - were chillingly polite. Well, except Fleur whom I had to kick under the table a zillion times, but at least she subsided into very French muttering. Situation seemed lost for all concerned. *SIGH*

But Hunk saved the day... Alright, after we all went to my flat and were SEEETHING, he spoke up - GASP! He's a very silent person. Right, not with bro, obviously, but with the general populace - and told us what happened when he took bro to meet his family. Turns out his family knew he was gay, but were racist as fuck. So he steadfastly refused to talk to them until they see the light and went on to live with bro and married him eventually. Which gave me some hope, because, no matter how cold-foot-y I feel about marriage, I love me archaeologist dearly.

So King (right, his name is Arturo, so Arthur so I call him King. Stupid in-joke, actually, no deferential attitude involved) called and turns out he was as embarrassed, het up and upset about things as I was. So we went looking for a place to actually live that wasn't where his family lives and would allow both of us to get to work without waking up at 5 am. I think we've found it and tomorrow we're going to 'talk to the man' as it were.

Sorry for disappearing, apparently not replying and all that stuff, was incredibly upset and then was quite busy.

[ profile] ingriam YAY a new fic! Promise you that, as soon as we get the house thing sorted I'll read it and INUNDATE you with reviews.

[ profile] drelfina I feel so very bad for disappearing again. I WILL be more online once thing have settled and I really have no words that would express my gratitude to you for liking my silly fics and looking for me.

Please, all, forgive me. I do love you all.

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