Sep. 19th, 2010

flyingskull: (skeletonhand)
Yo, back from the dead, quite married thankyouverymuch and alll smily joy joy about it. Was away on Archeological sites with Arturo and escavated a bit as well, though not much because back and knee not suited for lowly - as in bend-double-nose-to-ground-arse-up-in-air - labour. Hence doing all the clercky stuff which was surprisingly un-boring.

Also Art got me hooked on DS game Ace Attorney - see the mood theme - and I found another Bastard-Byronic Hero to love to death, ALSO doing Holmesian stuff. Am hooked for life and just when I was sure I'd only have five - well ok, one I rather loathe, but awful addiction made me play it as well - games to re-play to the death of Life itself, lo! A ray of joy because the 6th ne is on the way, yay.

Will Prolly blab about said game and... yeh, alright, not THE hero of four of them, but he has his own game and and and it's his OWN game who's got to the second installment, yay... Got derailed. Anyway will blab about things as we're in a new home and finally finished moving. Will prolly start own Moving Co. just to save money. Those things cost an utterly ridiculous amount of money.

Bye for now.

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