Aug. 3rd, 2009


Aug. 3rd, 2009 11:09 am
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So I said I'd found Guyver, and I had, only it was dubbed which I hate, mostly because I have fangirlishly fallen in love with Japanese Voice Actors in anime. They're FUCKING GOOD AND ALSO OFTEN LAUGHING THEIR HEADS OFF WHILE ACTING (well... some of them by the sound of it). Sooo, I went looking for subbed and found it! Or, at least, I thought so, but I got to watch three episodes and then it was all RAW! *sob* SO I had to fall back on the dubbed version (*grrr*) because a promising place to watch it subbed tried so very hard to break my Firefox (AND Safari) and I don't have no IE and don't intend to get it (:P).

The above wall of text to say I rather like Guyver, but I'd rather talk about it when I've seen it all.

So... Code Geass, or The Importance of Being Flamboyant. I love it LOTS for a host of reasons, not the least of which being that the protagonist is BOTH a Byronic Hero AND a Smiling Villain. It also has plot, which is a thing not to be sneezed at, and complex characters one has to think about rather deeply to understand. Yeh, has also very simplified characters, but, though not having exactly a cast of thousands like e.g. Bleach or, more succesfully, FMA, it has the grace to go in-depth with the main characters and let secondary ones go on their merry two-dimensional way.

Probbo is am at work right now and so am snatching a moment online, so full ramblings tonight. To pass the time, though, I'll post here a blather about what I (as opposed to TV Tropes, a site I love to death, but am not always in agreement with) think constitutes a Byronic Hero using Loveless' Soubi (see icon) as an example. Hope I don't bore too much. ^_^!

A textbook case of Byrony )
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I just watched thrice FMA Brotherhood ep 18 and:


I mean I had about 983968750678 fangasms. LING! XERXES! JAQUELINE!

I mean, I'm incoherent right now.

Maybe later, after I've cooled down, right? Cool, elegant, detached analysis of literary thingy in a mature way... Oh, alright, my usual blather, only maybe juuuuuuust a tad more coherent than this. Heh...

Oh, and I made a Bleach icon in glory of filler

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